Financial Impact of Your Support 

The Southwest Florida Free Pain Clinic currently provides an estimated value of $350,000 of free medical care to patients annually. As we grow, this number will reach $1 million annually. This has a positive impact on our health care system, Emergency Departments, and our community.  With your secure donation, lives are changed through free medical care for people suffering from acute and chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. With your help, we will strengthen our community by bridging the gap in healthcare for patients in need. 

Thank YOU for your generous support!

People Are Hurting, You Can Help!

One of the most effective ways to help a chronic pain patient regain their life is by committing to a monthly gift. Just $29 a month provides the following services for a patient suffering from acute and chronic pain, and without access to treatment options:
• Medical care

• Chiropractic care
• Physical therapy
• Acupuncture treatment
• Massage therapy
• Paraffin treatments
• Modalities
• Essential oil therapy
• Lifestyle and nutrition counseling
• Prayer

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